About TeamGoGo

How It Works

TeamGoGo is a unique feature of Freshoot. Its aim is to bring the freshest foods to our customers at the best possible price, while helping small local farms have their products get sold as quick as possible.It is freshest because all of TeamGoGo products are directly from farms or ranches, either right after pickup at the field or immediately after ready at a slaughterhouse. It is the best possible price because the big quantity we buy through a conditional pre order process.

The conditional pre order process works like this: Frist, Freshoot will initiate a talk with a local farm or ranch saying we want to get the best possible price from you on this product, and what is the minimum order quantity to get the best possible price. Second, the farm will give us the minimum order quantity and its best possible price, among other conditions. Third, Freshoot will publish this product under TeamGoGo program, sketching it minimum order quantity requirement and its price after reasonable markup. If before a scheduled due date, accumulated order quantity from Freshoot’s customers is above the minimum order requirement, this TeamGoGo program is activated and all customers will get what they ordered at the price. If the accumulated order quantity is less than the minimum requirement, this TeamGoGo program has to be aborted and no customer will be charged on this product.

Save Time and Get Reward Points

We work hard and smart to save you time and money. The more you buy, the more reward points you get.

Reduce CO2 Emission and Plastic Usage

We reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% through cluster delivery and we reduce single use plastic bags.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If an item does not meet your expectations due to quality issues, let us know and we will credit you within 5 business days.