About Us

We’re Freshoot Wholesale Ltd., an independent Calgarian owned and operated family business dedicated to delivering the best fresh food to its customers. And when we say deliver, we mean it. Our delivery trucks deliver produce, meats, dairy and groceries etc. six days a week.

We also mean the best and fresh. Whenever possible, we source our produce and eggs directly from small local farms so that the food on your plate is the most possible fresh. Most of our meats are directly from neighboring farms and Hutterite colonies right after the availability in the slaughterhouse.

At Freshoot, we work hard to bring the best value to our customers while being reasonably environmentally responsible. We believe in wholesale online food delivery service as it helps our customers save time and money and helps reduce our environmental footprint. Our business model enables us to be price competitive with chain grocery stores. On Average, a household emits about 4.5kg of CO2 per week on grocery shopping. By cluster delivery, we can reduce this by up to 90%. We also use airtight delivery bins to reduce single-use plastic bag usage.

We are proud of what we are doing and sincerely invite you to experience our food and our people. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Save Time and Get Reward Points

We work hard and smart to save you time and money. The more you buy, the more reward points you get.

Reduce CO2 Emission and Plastic Usage

We reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% through cluster delivery and we reduce single use plastic bags.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If an item does not meet your expectations due to quality issues, let us know and we will credit you within 5 business days.