Frequently Asked

The membership is valid for 12 months. After that, you need to renew it if you wish.

The membership gives you the privilege to purchase our signature hutterite eggs at only $8.5/flat during the whole period, that is $8.5 for 30 large size eggs for 12 months! It also gives you the privilege to buy other on-season and on-trend products at a very competitive price. We will post these products on our website from time to time. 

The detailed conditions are as follows: 1, you can only buy up to 52 flats of the eggs during the whole year. After that, you need to pay market price, which is $12 currently. 2, up to two flats are eligible to get this price per order. If you need more than two flats in one order, the extra flats will be market price. 3, limited to orders of home delivery, not for orders of warehouse pickup.

Please note the price of $8.5/flat is not fixed during the membership year. We may change the price based on the market price of the eggs, but it is guaranteed the price you pay will be at least $3 less than the market price.

To buy the membership, please log into your account, go to Membership section and you will see the option.

Until the system upgrading is finished, you can NOT order the eggs as regular items but instead need to notify us at your Order Note stating like "2 flats of eggs at $8.5". Once our fulfillment staff see this message and verify your membership status, the eggs will be sent to you with your order. A separate charge of $8.5/flat for the eggs will be made on your credit card and you will be notified by email. Please do NOT add the eggs item to your shopping cart as this will result the regular price of $12.5. Similarly, you only need to notify us in your Order Note if there is another product offered to the members and you want to add it to your order. 

The $90 is not a charge, it is a pre-authorization. When you place the order we do not charge you. We only get pre-authorization which is your order total plus $10 or 10% whichever is greater. So the one you saw is not a charge but a pre-authorization. The reason is most of our items are priced by actual weight, which is not known until the item is fulfilled, the same way when we get gas at the gas station.
To see the receipt, please login to your account, go to order history, at Action column, there is one icon to view Order and another to view Receipt. Please note the receipt will be ready only after the order is fulfilled and the payment is made.

Though rarely happen, some items your ordered may not be able to sent to you either due to traffic issue, quality issue etc. If no similar items are available, this item will NOT be fulfilled. For items not fulfilled, no charge will be made on this item. If a similar item is available, the item will be substituted by the similar item.

When an item is substituted by a similar item, its price will be determined by the lower price of the two. In practice, less than 1% items are substituted.

Please join our Facebook Group  or join our wechat group by contacting gdai2014. 
We deliver to all communities in Calgary and Edmonton. For details, please view our map to see if you are within our delivery zone and which day is your prime delivery day.
Unless stated otherwise, we deliver all orders from Tuesday to Sunday between 4:00 PM and 8:00PM. Please note due to some factors out of our control like weather and traffic, we sometimes may deliver even later (this happens rarely but does happen).
No, you do not need to. All items are delivered in airtight bins which may contain frozen ice to keep it cool. Upon arrival, if no one is home to receive the order, the delivery staff will inform you by phone call or text message. And the staff will place the items in a secure place around your home. Please put a box around you home in advance to receive the order if you know you will not be home.
We do not charge fulfillment fee. For orders above $88, most zones will be delivered for free. Please check our Delivery Areas & Rates to get the most recent rates.
Please note the order cutoff time is 4:00AM of the delivery day. In other words, if you want to your order delivered on a specific date, the order must be placed before 4am of the day. If it is placed later than that, please message us so that we will do the best to deliver the order on the same day.
Work as it should be: no expiry date, no limit on which product you cannot use, no limit on when you cannot use it, no hidden restrictions etc. For every 1000 reward points, you can convert it to $1.
We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa etc. If you would like to pay by cheque or pre-authorized payment, please send us a private message.
Please let us know through the “Request A Product” page under your account.

A prime delivery day is a day with a reduced delivery rate. By encouraging more customers from the same neighborhood to place theirs orders on the same day, we can effectively reduce our delivery mileage and thus our co 2 emission.

The prime day varies with your Forward Sortation Area (FSA) code, which is the first three digits of your postal code. Please visit Delivery Areas & Rates for more information.

We speak it just like two words "fresh shoot".
Save Time and Get Reward Points

We work hard and smart to save you time and money. The more you buy, the more reward points you get.

Reduce CO2 Emission and Plastic Usage

We reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% through cluster delivery and we reduce single use plastic bags.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If an item does not meet your expectations due to quality issues, let us know and we will credit you within 5 business days.