Egg large brown 30pc Hutterite Colony

product of alberta
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Good eggs from the our partner Hutterite colony. The hens are always fed with local grains mixed by various minerals and nutrients, in an environment above animal warehouse standards.

Situated in the Rosebud River Valley north of Rockyford, Alberta, Springvale Colony was founded in 1918 when our ancestors migrated from South Dakota to Alberta.
We are a multifamily community with farming and agricultural roots still practicing farming and raising livestock, only done according to today's standards.
We raise our Beef, Pork and Poultry in the most sustainable and humane way, they are never fed any animal byproducts, simply finished on a grain and hay diet keeping the taste natural and flavorful, then being processed at our provincial inspected on-farm meat plant.
The food that we put on the table for our families is the food we offer to our valued customers. The way we raise our animal, and the way we process them to make our product unique and always a smart and healthy choice for our customers.

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