All products and services of Freshoot Wholesale Ltd. ("Freshoot"), its subsidiaries and affiliates are subject to This Terms & Conditions.

The Terms & Conditions may be changed at any time without notice. Changes may be made at any time without notice by updating this posting. You agree to review it regularly and your continued access or use of our service will mean that you agree to any changes.


All orders should be made through the website www.freshoot.ca. Unless other specified, the deadline to place an order is 4:00 AM of the delivery day(e.g. Monday at 4 AM for a Monday delivery). An order placed after that time will be accommodated but not guaranteed. Please contact us to discuss further in such a situation.

Cancel orders not later than 4 AM of the delivery day. Cancellations after the order deadlines are subject to charges.


Your credit card will be charged on the day your order is fulfilled, which usually is the delivery or pickup day. Please update us with any changes to your billing information. If we are unable to process your payment, we may not be able to fulfill your order. If we can’t reach you for payment, we may also have to cancel your order until we can recover payment.

We reserve the right to obtain credit card pre-authorization. All preauthorizations are done one business day before delivery. We accept payment by Pre-authorized Payment (PAP) or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

Receipt of Order

We deliver orders from Sunday to Friday every week. Deliveries occur after 1 PM on the scheduled delivery day, and we do our best to deliver between 1 and 8 PM. You do not need to be home to receive the order. We will leave your order at the spot that is instructed in your delivery note.

For apartments or condos, we will deliver to your unit door if we have access. Please let us know how we can best accommodate your needs in your delivery note.


We always use ice to keep perishable items as fresh as possible but cannot take responsibility for the quality or safety of those items under unsatisfying weather conditions.

Item Availability

If you opt to accept substituting an item with another in your account preferences, we will replace it with a comparable item when this ordered item is not available. If you choose to not accept a substitute, we will leave the ordered item unfulfilled and remove it from your order when the item is not available.

Item under Imperfect Condition

From time to time, we might have some items that are consumable but under imperfect conditions, e.g., short shelf life, cosmetic damage, etc. If you choose to accept these imperfect goods in your account preferences, we will put one such item in your bin. One order is limited to one imperfect item. These items are always 30% off.

Delivery Bins

We will leave delivery bins and food to you at the first delivery. At all future deliveries, please place the bins in the same location as instructed in your delivery note on the delivery date so that the delivery staff can put all food into the bins.

Should you wish to discontinue service, please let us know at your last order in the delivery note so that we can bring all bins to our warehouse. If you keep the delivery bins for more than 6 weeks after discontinuing the delivery service,  $10 per bin will be charged on your credit card. 

Freshoot reserves the right to refuse to pick up bins containing materials we feel could be hazardous to our employees or to other customers.

Ice Packs and thermal bubble mailers

When needed, we use recyclable ice packs and thermal bubble mailers to help keep items in your bin cool and fresh. Please return them with your next order (you can leave them in your bin or bring them to our warehouse) so that we can continue to use them. 

Emails and Newsletters

Once you register with us, you will receive order reminder notifications and other news on Freshoot happenings. We may also send you a newsletter from time-to-time which you can unsubscribe from at any time using the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter email.

Save Time and Get Reward Points

We work hard and smart to save you time and money. The more you buy, the more reward points you get.

Reduce CO2 Emission and Plastic Usage

We reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% through cluster delivery and we reduce single use plastic bags.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If an item does not meet your expectations due to quality issues, let us know and we will credit you within 5 business days.